About HII

Horsemen of Iowa Inc. is one of the leading equestrian organizations in North Iowa. Each year we sponsor the NISCA Open show, and the IASC show. Yet, this is only a fraction of what we do yearly.  If horses are special to you, no matter what your age,
this is the place for you.

HII was organized and the articles of nonprofit incorporation filed in 1984. The purpose of this organization was, and is today, to promote and support equine events, show facilities and equine 4-H organizations in North Iowa.  Being a nonprofit organization, all manpower, to put on the organization's numerous events, is voluntary and free gratis. Any net profits from these events are directed to support and maintain equine show facilities, 4-H facilities, and to other groups that promote equine events in North Iowa. 

Election of the Board of Directors (seven) is held each January. They are nominated and elected from the 150 plus general membership families. The new board then elects its new officers each February:
President * Vice President * Secretary * Treasurer

If we can be of any help to you or your equine

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